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ben || 15yrs || weeb

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family parties where they talk about when u get married and have kids


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i found a leather jacket made for build-a-bears in my closet so naturally i had to put it on my cat

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Have you ever done free! FanArt?


YEA I HAVE but not in a while dam…….. they’re my favs and im a firm believer that nicki minaj is rin’s favorite american rapper (so here is a doodle for u)


im not heterophobic my parents r straight

cute queer begins his 3hr journey

i am leaving to go to my sisters house and im so happy bc i will finally not be the only queer person in the room. there will be 2 whole gays with me. do you know how much of a blessing this is


Bunny Hoodie Dress 35$, Pastel Shirred Dress 27$, Hello Kitty Tights 15$ 


instant test to see whether someone is an extrovert or introvert:  ask them whats up.  if they say nothing much or talk a little bit then they’re an introvert.  if they say BASEBASKET TOUCHGOAL SPORT SPORT then they are an extrovert


"i dont headcanon that character as queer"



I’m in Venice, Italy and I still can’t escape the memes